Strawberry Rhubarb Smoothies (& how to turn your blender into a magic bullet using jars)

strawberry rhubarb smoothies

I’ve been waiting as patiently as I possibly can for my rhubarb to grow. Every couple of days we head to the back of the yard and scrounge around looking for signs of rhubarb life, but to no avail. Everything else is blooming and growing but there is no sign of this tart perennial vegetable…. 

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How to Seed a Jalapeño Pepper

how to seed a jalapeño pepper

When I first started this blog I was still pretty new to cooking. I only had a few years under my belt and the issues of new cooks were fresh in my mind. Something happens when you’ve been cooking and baking for a long time. You forget that when you started out the simplest things,… 

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