Kids in the Kitchen: Jumbo Cashew Cookies

jumbo cashew cookies made with bisquick

If you’ve been around here for a while you know that I like to keep homemade baking mix on hand in my fridge at all times. It makes last minute cooking/baking so much easier. The other day I was wanting to whip up some cookies real quick so I could go back to relaxing and spending time… 

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Chicken Salsa Ranch Wraps

chicken salsa ranch wraps

James has been traveling for work quite a bit lately so I’ve been doing a lot of cooking for just me and Max. Normally that means I take a break from the kitchen and make things like hot dogs and poutines. But something has gotten into me lately and I’m finding myself wanting to make… 

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Kids in the Kitchen: Easy Lemon Sugar Cookies

Easy Lemon Sugar Cookies

I got the sudden urge to decorate sugar cookies last week. As you can see I got as far as making the cookies. :) But that was fun in and of itself. I did make one batch of the glaze and got approximately five cookies done before Max had already decorated (read: eaten) three cookies… 

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Quick & Cheesy Chicken Pot Pie

quick and cheesy chicken pot pie

For the longest time my quick, go-to Chicken Pot Pie recipe involved canned cream of chicken soup and a homemade biscuit topping. I’m *trying* to stay away from processed foods and to feed my family more naturally, so I came up with this recipe. Which, in my mind, tastes way better then the original anyways…. 

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