Maple Spiced Candied Nuts

maple spiced candied nuts

One of my favourite things to snack on this time of year is spiced candied nuts. The sweet, salty, spicy combination just can’t be beat in my books. And, the fact that it’s a slightly healthier Christmas treat is just an added bonus! This year, in my ongoing attempt to cut out processed sugar, when… 

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(Healthier) No-Bake Granola Bars

healthier no-bake granola bars

It has been HOT here this week. We all tend to lose our appetites when it’s so hot out so we’ve been keeping mealtimes really simple by having lot’s of salads, fruits and veggies with a little side of grilled meat. I didn’t turn on my oven once this week, but in preparation for our… 

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Gingerbread Granola

gingerbread granola

Merry Christmas!! It’s less than a month away so I can officially say that now right? I’ve been holding off because I know so many of you had Thanksgiving to celebrate yet. I think Canadians tend to start celebrating Christmas before Americans. Can you blame us? Our Thanksgiving is at the beginning of October and… 

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Kids in the Kitchen: No-Bake Granola Bars

no-bake granola bars

Remember how I told you I like to scarf down granola bars in the middle of the night but since I haven’t been able to find any here yet I’ve been eating spoonfuls of peanut butter instead? Well, it was just too much for me to bear so I decided to create my own. I may have a… 

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