Funfetti Pancake “Cake”


funfetti pancake cake

June was a month of celebrations for us so hopefully you don’t mind a few more birthday themed posts. :) Unlike last year, we had Max’s party on a different day than his actual birthday this year and I felt like we had, had enough sweets to last a lifetime already, so I decided to make him a special birthday cake pancake stack instead of a traditional birthday cake since we were just celebrating as a family that day. I swear he was just as excited about these pancakes as he would have been about cake. I mean, “cake” for breakfast? It doesn’t get much better then that.

Now this isn’t so much a recipe as an idea. I took our go-to pancake recipe (feel free to use your favourite recipe) added sprinkles and a dash of almond extract. I’ve been making them whole wheat lately so I did this time too, but next time I would use regular flour as the whole wheat and sprinkles didn’t really jive as well as I would have liked. Lesson learned. At least the kids still loved it! I stacked them up and topped them off with some whipped cream, berries, cherries, and more sprinkles. To serve, we removed the top pancake, dished up the pancakes we wanted and scooped off some of the topping to put on our own pancakes, along with a healthy drizzle of maple syrup, of course. It may not be the most refined way to serve it but it works!

I’m pretty sure this will become a new tradition in our family for those birthdays when the party is on a different day than the actual birthday. That way there is only one cake for me to make and decorate but they still get “cake”! I believe that’s what they call a win-win. ;)

If you’re not a fan of funfetti check out my Carrot Cake Pancake Stack with Whipped Cream Cheese Topping – an equally delicious way to celebrate a birthday!

What are your birthday traditions?

P.S. Happy Canada Day to all of my fellow Canucks out there! If you bleed maple syrup like I do you may want to check out some of these maple treats to help celebrate Canada’s birthday.