Fruit-Bottom Yogurt

homemade fruit bottom yogurt

When it comes to packing lunches I’m no great authority on the subject. My husband gets fed lunch every day at work and my son’s barnehage makes him fresh snacks and meals every day. I’m a lucky woman. But, it also means I’m stumped for tips on packing meals to take away. At least for now.

One thing I am getting better at though, is snacks. I eat all day long, especially now that I’m nursing, so snacks is something I’m well acquainted with. And since snacks are usually something thrown into lunch boxes to help round out the meal, I thought I’d share our current favourite – yogurt. And, not just any yogurt, but homemade Fruit-Bottom Yogurt.

“These fruit-bottom yogurts stay good for a week in the fridge, so you can make a batch on Sunday to last the whole week. Throw them into lunch boxes, sprinkle them with granola for breakfast or save them for an afternoon snack that the kids can grab for themselves after school.”

I took a hiatus after my daughter was born but am now back at Simple Bites as a regular contributor. Head on over to find out how you can make your own fruit-bottom yogurt.