Bisquick Apple Fritters

bisquick apple fritters

I have a confession to make. My son bakes with me a lot but he hardly ever actually tastes the results of his efforts. I’ll say “let’s go bake Daddy a pie.” He’ll say “Yay! Daddy! Pie!” But after it’s all said and done he forgets all about it and never asks for a piece. We figure until he starts noticing what he’s missing why give it to him?

Of course there’s lot’s of taste testing along the way and when he asks I don’t deny it to him. But, if he happens to forget, which is more often then not, then I don’t offer it to him (insert evil grin here). In the case of these Apple Fritters he was my hand model so he didn’t have a chance to forget. :)


Evidence of my little helper drinking milk from the measuring cup and eating the apple scraps.

A couple of months ago I was honored to be included in Babble’s Top 100 Food Bloggersand even more honored to be rated #8 for Best Recipes. (Thank you everyone who voted for me!) Now they’ve gathered exclusive recipes from over 50 of those bloggers and are sharing them on their site. They seriously have me drooling. (You can check out all of the recipes here.)

I decided to share these Apple Fritters because I feel like they sum up what I’m about.Simple food. From scratch. That’s what I aim for anyways. So head on over to Babble for the recipe for these quick and easy Bisquick Apple Fritters.

*Just for clarification this recipe uses my Homemade Bisquick mix.*