Kitchen Simplicity - About

Photo courtesy of Ryan Patrick Kelly Photographs.

Hi, my name is Cheri. I’m currently living in Alberta, Canada with my two beautiful children, Max and Alli, and my wonderful husband, James. (Throughout the course of this blog we have also lived in Oslo, Norway and New York City so you may see references to these places if you browse through my archives.)

The goal of this blog is to share recipes that inspire people to get into the kitchen by realizing it doesn’t have to be difficult to make meals from scratch. My meals tend to be quick and wholesome. I like making things from scratch but, even though I enjoy it, most days I don’t have the patience to conquer more difficult and involved recipes. In an effort to simplify my own time in the kitchen I’m sharing with you my tips, recipes and tricks to help keep your time in the kitchen as enjoyable (and stress-free) as possible. Whether you’re new to cooking or have been at it forever, hopefully you’ll find something here that helps bring your family together around the table. This is what makes me happy – to connect people and families through food.

I love hearing from my readers. Feel free to contact me via comments, Facebook, or e-mail ([email protected]).